Reveal Padel Racket


Fun and accessible, padel is a sport you adore from the first time you play. In Babolat we work to make the game easier for you. Comfortable and manoeuvrable, the Reveal is the perfect fit if you are looking to buy you first racquet. 

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Even though Padel is an accessible sport, our development team work to make the game even more easier for you. For that, the manoeuvrability is a key feature on a racquet. Thanks to its light weight, you will be able to handle this racquet more easily and learn even more quickly.


Starting a new sport, you need a racquet helping you to learn. With its round oversize shape, this racquet have a large sweet spot that will help you to get back every ball.


Padel is a fun and accessible sport, this is what make it so lovable. To make sure you can have fun as often as you want, we used on this racquet soft materials to improve your comfort of play.


Data sheet

38 mm
345 g +/- 10g
Player Typology
FRAME: Carbon SURFACE: Fiberglass CORE: Low density EVA
Head Shape
Round Oversize
Type Of Balance
Head Light

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